Post Office Boxes

Vanuatu Post delivers mail into boxes that are available at its Post Offices or other strategic locations in the urban areas and rural areas. In general individuals or businesses can hire either a small or large post office box for mail delivery purposes.


'Poste Restante' is a service available for short stay visitors into Vanuatu and who wish to have their mail delivered while they are in Vanuatu.
Interested visitors wishing to utilize this service should contact Vanuatu Post to arrange for this service.

Change of Lock: In cases were you require a new lock for some reason we charge do charge.

New Key: Often a new key or extra key may be necessary. We can issue an extra key after lodging your application at a post office.  (Note- only one key is issued per box initially unless your request an extra key)

Other Mail Delivery Option:


There are letter boxes installed for posting your letters around the urban areas. They are visible with slots wide enough to   

post letters but not parcels or packets. Mail is collected from these letter boxes at least once every day -(see picture)