Past Issues

Dragonflies of Vanuatu

The earliest dragonflies appeared over 300 million years ...

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Year of the Tiger

Vanuatu Post is proud to recognise the Year of the Tiger ...

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Vanuatu Beaches

What is white and turquoise, soft and warm, feels good ...

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Green and Golden Bell Frog

The Green and Golden Bell Frog Litoria aurea, is a ...

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Massena s Lorikeet

Listed as a sub-species of the Rainbow Lorikeet, Massena’s ...

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Tanna Coffee

The Tanna Coffee Development Company was established in ...

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Turtles of Vanuatu

The two most commonly found turtles in Vanuatu are the ...

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Vanuatu Smile

It’s official. Vanuatu has just been named one of the ...

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Butterflies of Vanuatu


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Shanghai Expo

Vanuatu is a land of diversity and amazing contrasting ...

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Beach Thick Knee

Vanuatu Post is proud to be endorsed by WWF in releasing a ...

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Charles Darwin

Born in Shrewsbury, England in 1809, Charles Darwin studied ...

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Russia-Vanuatu 1809-2009

On 25 July 1807 the Russian sloop “Diana” under the command ...

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Plumeria (common name Frangipani) is a small genus native ...

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Panda 2009 HK Exhibition

Giant pandas were once widespread in eastern and southern ...

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Mystery Island

In this, the first series of stamp issues on “Vanuatu ...

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Vanuatu Resorts

Vanuatu offers a unique South Pacific experience with its ...

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Nudibranch Vanuatu

The 3,000-plus known nudibranch species are possibly the ...

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Greetings from Vanuatu

Vanuatu Post extends seasonal greetings to all its ...

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Romantic Vanuatu

Romantic destinations do not come much better than Vanuatu.

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Extreme Postman

Can you think of a more unique job than being an Underwater ...

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Beijing 2008 Olympics Games

The Vanuatu National Olympic Committee was established in ...

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Coconut Crab

The life cycle of the Coconut Crab Birgus latro is ...

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Air Vanuatu 20th Anniversary

Formed on December 17 1987, Air Vanuatu began its proud ...

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Banded Iguana

The Banded Iguana Brachylophus fasciatus are believed to ...

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