Mai 2010

UPU-APPU Vanuatu Post Quality of service workshop May 2010

Le Seminaire de Mesuration de la Qualite de Service pour La Region Pacifique sous un nouvel Approche pour l'Administration Postal - Troisieme and Seminaire Final au Vanuatu.


Avril 2010

Vanuatu Post joins the Telematics Cooperative with benefits.

The objectives of the Telematics Cooperative are to:

  • Promote cooperation between members to develop and implement common or compatible information systems and electronic communications     
  • Establish a common electronic infrastructure, which matches the physical postal infrastructure     
  • Implement systems, which ensure secure electronic information exchange, secure electronic payments and secure E-commerce services between Posts and with their customers     
  • Implement operational and management systems that will ensure rapid mail pick-up and delivery     
  • Establish systems that will help Posts become more competitive through the development of value-added services related to basic postal products and services    
  • Secure a stable and sufficient funding of telematics projects entrusted to the International Bureau, and specifically its Postal Technology Centre, in order to ensure the continuation of the deployment, maintenance, and support activities carried out in this field     

The main aims of the Telematics Cooperative are to:

  • Establish strategies and instruments through which it intends to achieve its objectives   
  • Ensure fair access to the UPU’s products and services to all Posts in general and to the Cooperative members in particular   
  • Promote cooperation between member Posts to allow them to provide their customers with a coherent set of integrated information services on a global basis   
  • Involve member Posts in the provision and support of telematics products and services under the umbrella of the UPU   
  • Provide the highest quality service to its members at all times 
  • Help enhance the global image of the Post 

Mai 2009

Vanuatu Post a verse 44,855,000 vatu

comme part de Dividend pour l'anee 2008

au Governement Vanuatais.

Mai 2008

Le Governement felicite VPL pour le Record du Profit obtenu.

Les Actionnaires de la Vanuatu Post Limited ont honore le Conseil d'Administrations. . .

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