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Vanuatu Post offers a Proof Of Delivery service for our EMS, Parcel and Registered Post customers.


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Compensation and Liability

Vanuatu Post does not offer an Insurance service. Extra caution should be taken when sending valuable items in the mail for possible damage or pilferage if the mail is going to the few less secure destination countries.

Our compensation policy generally falls under the Universal Postal Union (UPU) compensation and liability policy. Vanuatu Post does not offer insurance service to cover valuable items sent via mail. There is a slight difference on the compensation ceiling for the different mail delivery service - Express Mail Service, Registered or Parcel related items.

Receiving Mail

International incoming mail to Vanuatu can be delivered to over 60 locations in the Vanuatu Post network. All inbound mail are opened and sorted in Port Vila. Customs Clearance and Quarantine processes are also done in Port Vila and Santo on site which allows more convenience for customers.

Mail to Vanuatu locations can take from 2 to 10 days and it depends on the number of flights to each locations. Those locations with regular flight should receive mail within a week period according to our announced Delivery Standard.

All mail are delivered into boxes or through the agents in areas where there is no boxes installed. Packets and parcels may require customs clearance and when this is the case customers need to contact the Post Office to confirm arrival of the mail and then Customs for clearance fees which normally applies. Vanuatu Post can clear your mail with customs in most cases. It is especially handy if you reside in the outer islands where there is no customs agents and clearance must be done in Port Vila. Customer should contact the Post Office in Vila (tel: 22000) to organize clearance and further the payment options.

All mail is received in Port Vila and sorted for delivery to each islands. The number of days it can take to reach the islands depends on the capacity and frequency flights to the island or area. EMS Parcel
Maximum Number of working Days to be delivered after arrival
Zone 1 Port Vila, Island of Efate 1 2 2
Zone 2 Luganville, Island of Santo 2 3 3
Zone 3 Lenakel - Island of Tanna, Lolowai-Island of Ambae, Lakatoro-Island of Malekula 3 5 5
Zone 4 Rest of the country 7
10 10

Domestic Incoming mail are collected and sorted in Port Vila mail exchange center for delivery through the Vanuatu Post network. Mail is delivered and treated with same priority as incoming international mail for each type of mail service (EMS, Parcel, Letters) and delivered according to the expected delivery standard in the table above.

All Registered, EMS and Parcels received are scanned and an Item To Collect advise is issued into the addressee box or through the phone if there is a telephone number provided by the sender. The item to collect voucher should be presented at the counter and this may involve Vanuatu Post only or with Customs processing before the mail item is released. Photo identification may be required.

Send mail international

The cost effective way of sending your mail to over 190 countries worldwide is our standard Parcel and Letter mail postage.

It can range from three days to a month delivery target depending on the destination of your mail and the route it takes plus the delivery standards of the destination country. Mail take longer if mail has to be resorted more than once on its route.

All customs charges, taxes and duties that may be applicable by destination are payable by receiver on delivery.

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