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Vanuatu Blue Swimming Holes

Issued : 06.08.2017
Price per Unit (piece): $ 5.40
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These crystal springs are true natural wonders where vividly clear fresh water comes to the surface through layers of limestone and coral, producing water of jewel-quality blue. They are like natural aquariums or swimming pools and every one of them is a different shade of blue. In stark contrast, the shades of green, colourful tropical flowers and trees framing these amazing water holes complete scenes that have to be seen to be believed.


Efate is home to the popular Blue Lagoon while Santo boasts the Matevulu, Ri Ri and Nanda Blue Holes. They are all naturally occurring limestone springs and are fed by pure freshwater flowing underground from the highlands. A crystal clear blue river meanders through each blue hole to the sea. The largest of the blue holes reaches 50 metres across and 18 meters deep.    

Each Blue Hole offers the Ni Vanuatu or tourist alike, a beautiful, relaxing place to enjoy, with swings and canoes for the more energetic. Providing a  modest income for the local inhabitants, the Blue swimming holes of Vanuatu are an important part of the tourist programe that the Republic has to offer.

Acknowledgement: Photo credits to turtlebaybeachhouse.com; Design Pics, Jan Butchofsky; Russell Watson & nandabluehole.com


Parameters of Product: Stamps
Designer Lucas Kuklker, Bangkok, Thailand
Printer Southern Colour Print, Dunedin, New Zealand
Process Offset Litho
Stamp Size 44.29mm x 25.00mm vertical
Mini Sheet size Pane: Sheet 299mm x 245mm, 50 stamps
Perforation Gauge 14.00 x 14.40
Paper 103gsm Tullis Russell Yellow/Green Phosphor Gummed Stamp Paper
Denominations 20, 80, 150 and 300vt
Period of Sale 19 July a period of 2 years


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