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Issued : 18.02.2014
Price per Unit (piece): $ 7.95
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altVanuatu is a land of diversity and amazing contrasting beauty – from turquoise coral seas and white sandy beach islands to rain forests and fiery volcanoes, the scenery of Vanuatu defies description. Picture the gentle swaying coconut palms framing the stunning sunsets. Imagine the rugged forests of the interior trying to hide the immense cascading waterfalls. Dream of the flora and fauna panoramas with colourful birds and flowers matching another world of tropical fish and coral underwater.

Vanuatu’s Y-shaped archipelago has 83 islands and some of the most fascinating scenery and culture in the world. The 200,000 ni Vanuatu population are Melanesian and speak English, French and Bislama. The country has over 110 local languages and life is mostly based on customary village subsistence. Port Vila and Luganville however, are the two main population areas and are important to the valuable tourism industry. Other forms of national income come from exports of beef, coffee and copra.


This stamp issue, released to commemorate the attendance of Vanuatu at the World Expo in Shanghai 2010, features a land of contrasting beauty from the intriguing Snake dancers of Banks in the north to Mt. Yasur on the southern island of Tanna. It shows the amazing land divers of Pentecost, the famous dugongs of Epi and the beautiful location of Port Vila with its surrounding islands such as Iririki. The friendly people of Vanuatu also feature, showing their smiling faces, ceremonial face decoration and musical talents. The dive site of the SS President Coolidge off Santo with its Lady statue and the ever-present Tam tam slit drum complete the issue.

Vanuatu has become one of the leading visitor destinations in the South Pacific. Its capacity to host tourists with high quality accommodation, sightseeing and adventures is equal to anywhere in the Pacific and its history, uniqueness and friendliness make it a must-see for anyone wanting a holiday of a lifetime. Vanuatu Post is proud to release this stamp issue in support of the Vanuatu Government’s participation in the World Expo in Shanghai, from May 1 2010 until October 31 2010.

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Parameters of Product: Stamps
Designer Denise Durkin , Wellington, New Zealand
Printer Southern Colour Print, New Zealand
Process Offset lithography
Stamp Size 30.00 mm x 40.00 mm, 2 horizontal, 2 vertical
Mini Sheet size 125mm wide x 185mm deep
Perforation Gauge Miniature sheet 14 x 14; panes 13.33 x 13.33
Paper 104 gsm Tullis Russell Non phosphor gummed stamp paper
Denominations 40, 140, 160 and 190 vatu. MS total 530 vatu
Period of Sale 30 April 2010 for a period of 2 years

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