Money Transfer Service

Vanuatu Post Financial Services

Speed. Trust. Reliability.


Vanuatu Post also provides Financial services as Western Union Money Transfer and Kwik Cash Money Transfer. Western Union is Fast, safe and reliable way to transfer money to your loved ones across the Pacific or around the globe. Kwik Cash is used for local money transfer within Vanuatu.

  • Your Money arrives at its destination in minutes
  • Neither you nor the receiver needs to have a bank account
  • There are no fees to receive money
  • A Money Control Number is provided to ensure that is right person(s) receive the money
  • Available at over 38 Vanuatu Post locations around Vanuatu
  • Western Union has over 410,000 agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories world wide

For more information, call (678) 22000 or Fax (678) 23900 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






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